Reddit Traffic 101:

5-Step Tutorial with 5 Methods
for Free Traffic & More Sales

Newbie friendly guide to start getting traffic from and THROUGH Reddit

Curious about how to get traffic from Reddit?

Need free traffic for your blog, affiliate links, website, digital products or just want a simple side hustle that pays weekly? When used properly, you can get a regular flow of traffic and sales from and through Reddit.

Attention Side Hustlers: this tutorial includes a simple 10 step side hustle formula you can start using today. No website or affiliate product needed.

With 52 million daily active users, thousands of niche subreddits, and 48% of its traffic coming from the USA, it makes sense to try and market on the platform.

The problem is, most people try to market to Redditors. Unfortunately the site and its members are infamous for their mistreatment of marketers.

Even paying for ads can feel like you are driving down the highway and throwing money out the window.

I spent a solid three months trying to market ON Reddit.  While there are of course some decent people on the site, for the most part, Redditors have gotten accustomed to attacking anything that even smells like marketing.

I’m no guru, but I realized there had to be a way to legitimately succeed on there, without taking the typical routes. So I persevered.

I learned a lot from trial and error.  There were bad days, good days and really great days. 

Like the first time I went viral. Yes, I said the first time, because I have now mastered that process and have gone viral multiple times since then with thousands of upvotes per post.

Apparently there are secret “elite” subreddits that you are invited to when your posts go viral and hit the front page of Reddit. So far I am in 6 of these private subs. Even though I’ve hit 125k+ upvotes on a single post, my highest elite invite is r/TheTranscendentClub for 75K upvotes.

It was like being handed a check for $4M but not being able to spend it. You can go viral, but if you are not prepared, you will not make any money. So I learned from my mistakes and got better.

This tutorial is the result of what I learned about getting traffic using Reddit.  There is marketing ON Reddit and then, there is marketing THROUGH Reddit.  You will learn both.

Here is what you will get:

1. Tips & Tricks to successfully navigate the platform without getting banned (links and resources I use, how to set up our profile for success and what to do if you do not have a website)

2. How to get comment karma quickly and easily to build up your profile credentials (I give you 14 subreddits, 9 of which have millions of members)

3. How to get post karma quickly and easily to further build your profile credentials (I give you 10 subreddits, 8 of which have several million members, as well as post sources so you do not have to stress about what to post)

4. How to go viral (I give you 17 subreddits for going viral, 15 of which have members in the millions, post sources for 7 of the subs to get you started, and how to get traffic from viral posts)

5. 5 methods for getting traffic FROM and THROUGH Reddit

  • How to get traffic from viral posts
  • Targeted, niche related subreddit traffic
  • Subreddit links traffic, without getting reported or banned
  • 2 comment methods to leverage the power of Reddit in search engines
  • And my personal favorite, how to get Reddit> Google indexing, rank, traffic and sales quickly

BONUS #1: Simple formula to find niche related Google News Approved Sites (old-edition) for guest posting and powerful backlinks.

BONUS #2: 12 tips to grow your Instagram page

This is a 25 page instant download PDF to help you get traffic using Reddit. While it is especially helpful for bloggers, affiliate marketers and website owners, no marketing experience is necessary to use the methods. It’s a great side hustle for anyone who wants to make extra cash.

Start getting free traffic to your site, blog posts or affiliate products, with these effective methods. You will not be disappointed.  If you are already spending time on Reddit, why not make some money?

Stop Struggling With Traffic!


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